A contact has been signed for the delivery of freezer machinery and an onboard production plant for the coastal vessel Remøybuen.

Remøybuen AS has contracted a purse seine vessel from Vard Aukra that will be completed in the last quarter of 2019.

Combined freezer and production plant MMC First Process will deliver both the freezer machinery and onboard production plant to Remøybuen AS, which includes everything from the intake cage to the finished product in the storage cargo hold. ‘We're very pleased that they’ve chosen us for this delivery. We place great emphasis on optimal solutions for fish welfare and this means that our products keep the fish at the optimal quality throughout the process. We’ve had a good cooperation and we look forward to our ongoing work together in this process,’ says Sales Manager Arve Breivik. 

Fresh fish Previously, the main priority has been to place the fish in ice basins. Now, the fish will be transferred to the harvesting plant at sea temperature and then straight into three vertical freezers. In this way, the fish will be of the same quality as if it had come straight from the sea to the dinner table. The freezer capacity is 15-18 tonnes per day.

Remøybuen is 29.7 metres long and the plant is specially adapted to the ship. ‘We chose MMC First Process because we’ve had positive experiences from previous deliveries and they delivery good products. Another important factor to us is that they’re local. We’re local patriots, so supporting the local community as far as possible is very important to us,’ says shipowner and General Manager Hans Remøy.

Skipper and co-owner Vegard Kvalsvik describes the cooperation as very good. ‘It’s been a smooth process and we’re confident in our choice of supplier and look forward to the finished delivery next year.’ 


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 In Photo: Remøybuen, Photo credit: Gunnar Flusund

 Front page photo (from left): Salges Manager Kjell-Peder Overvåg of MMC First Process AS, Shipowner and General Manager Hans Remøy of Remøybuen AS, Sales Manager Arve Breivik of MMC First Process AS og skipper and co-owner Vegard Kvalsvik of Remøybuen AS.